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How to Build an Image that will Get you the Position you Desire

“Dress as if you mean business. Coco Chanel once said that if a woman is poorly dressed you notice the clothes, if she’s well dressed you notice the woman.” Vikki Worthington

We talk a lot about image these days but what does it really mean and how can you use it to your advantage at work, interviews, progressing in your career, your vocation or business, when networking or joining a new social circle?

Your image is the impression of yourself that you project to others, itโ€™s how they see and acknowledge you.

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Don’t be the Unwanted Roses in Somebody’s Garden

I’ve been thinking recently what the next story to share with you to be about – one that comes from the heart and inspire you to live a better life. And the ideas came in a surprising way. One evening after work I was doing some gardening and enjoying this activity, which many people consider a kind of meditation. While my full attention was engaged with the process, my mind was drifting freely and all of a sudden I focused on a stem of a rose bush. It didn’t have flowers but oh, it sting! It was located between the fence and the concrete, and just couldn’t grow and blossom there. I thought to myself: under other circumstances, it would be great to have a rose bush in the garden – but not here and not now.

Suddenly it struck me that this situation was a metaphor for the times that many of us, especially women, have felt that we are not appreciated and treated with care, respect and admiration in our relationships.

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Why I Didn’t Achieve All My Goals for Last Year and I’m OK with It

The new year has already begun and it’s a really exciting and light feeling to start fresh. It can also be uncomfortable, overwhelming and stressful as it’s also the time when we get bombarded by messages from media about the importance of goals. Don’t get me wrong – I’m a true supporter of the whole goal-setting process – writing down your aims, seeing the list daily and reviewing your progress often.

But what do you do if you haven’t accomplished the things you wanted?

Does this make you feel bad and disappointed with yourself? Here is my story about not meeting all my last year’s goals and why I decided to be comfortable with it.

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The Creative Routines of the Geniuses

Today we talk a lot about time management and what strategies we can implement to be more productive and efficient. Recently this has become a very hot topic as we lead busy lives and with the development of technologies, it has become more difficult to concentrate as it was 10 years ago.

However, being able to clarify your priorities and build an effective routine is not a New Age invention at all.

We can take invaluable advice and bulb moments from some of the most influential and renowned people of all time.

Have a glimpse at their creative routines and see if there are any ideas you might take on and carry out in your life:

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Charles Dickens Birthplace Museum, Portsmouth

The Top Goal Setting Tool to Help You Achieve Your Goals

Happy New Year 2017! I wish you most of all to be in good health, showers of love to be poured upon you and, with God’s grace, to accomplish all your dreams. We’re at the start of a wonderful new adventure with 12 brand new chapters and 365 new experiences ( I saw this from a post and thought I would share it ๐Ÿ™‚ ). I like the feeling of a fresh start and a clean plate, almost like a blank canvas, where you can start painting the picture you desire the most.

I’ve recently c0me across a very efficient tool to make your goals reality and it’s more simple than you think. But before I share it with you,

I have a quick question to ask and would like to get an honest answer: Do you write down your goals for the year?

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