Do you love where you live? Why I decided to move from London to Oxford

Today the choices we make are very much defined by financial and security reasons. We pick places that are convenient for us or feel afraid to leave a busy city for the benefits of a well-paid job and career growth. On the other hand, the town where we live in can be without any prospects for growth and can stifle our creativity.  What’s the right thing to do then when we’re in such a dilemma?

I can’t highlight enough the importance of loving where you live.

I’ll compare it with loving your job or loving who you spend your time with, it’s that crucial. For me

every place has a vibration, possesses certain values

that can either correspond with yours or be in total dissonance. When your personality and values are totally different from the vibration of the town you live in, first you start to feel anxious, irritable, out of place.

You repeat to yourself that’s not what matters, that you can’t be easily affected

by the rhythm ( or lack of rhythm ) of a place, quite often you don’t even realize that you feel uneasy because of your surroundings.

However, the truth is that your surroundings affect your state of mind on many levels –

you can feel overwhelmed, deprived of energy and time, lonely, nervous, unsatisfied, depressed if you’re not in harmony with where you live. If your body reacts by giving you signals via repetitive health problems, you have to give it a serious thought and reconsider your lifestyle and choices.

Ask yourself – does the place where I live:

These are just simple guidelines to consider. And here’s my story.


When I moved to England, I lived in London for about 10 months.

It wasn’t a dream-come-true at all. I was physically exhausted to an extent that I was getting headaches and colds very often, something which is quite uncommon for me. The crowds of people everywhere made me shrink and want to escape. The constant noise from the transport,

the super-fast lifestyle, which was more of a rushing through life than actually living  it, was in such a contrast with my sensitive personality

and my background coming from a country with much more balanced and slow pace of living.

London or another big city full of hustle and bustle or a small picturesque village can be perfect for you. We’re all different. What’s right for me is not necessarily right for you. My point is you have to find your place, just the way you’re looking for the right partner, the right job or the right opportunity. And as you change, some of your ideas and preferences may change, too – and that’s ok.

It all starts by getting to know  yourself better and looking for what’s best for YOU and only YOU.

At the end, I’ll summarize it all by saying I’m much happier, healthier, joyful, balanced and relaxed now.

I feel blessed because I love where I live ( especially when it’s sunny 🙂 )

Be honest and ask yourself – do you love where you live? If you had a magic stick, where would you choose to live? I’m looking forward to your replies in the comments!

2 responses to “Do you love where you live? Why I decided to move from London to Oxford”

  1. Rene says:

    So where are you living now? 😛
    I love beach and the Sun, ideally living in 2 different continents and finding the balance and beauty in the places.

    • Maria Toneva says:

      Seems like it’s everyone’s dream to live in a sunny, warm place 🙂 As per now, my ideal life will be split between Oxford ( England ), Plovdiv ( Bulgaria ) and some tropical secluded island 😛 I don’t mind spending 4 months at each location 🙂 Life is in front of us, so it’s just a matter of time and determination!

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