My Decision to Move Abroad

I decided to include a section about my experience abroad in my blog as there are so many of us who live far away from their home and it can be very tough sometimes. We all face similar challenges, no matter where we chose to live.

The reasons to take this hard decision are also quite common

going after career or education, following a loved one, financial issues, feeling stuck. What was yours? It may be just one, a combination of a few or even all of them.

My biggest urge was that I felt stuck

and desperately needed to change everything around me. It was March 2014, I was lying on the bed and was feeling down again. I remember my mum was there for a visit and asked me what was wrong with me. I just frankly replied: “I’m not happy”. I had a job I didn’t like, just ended a non-working relationship and felt like I was going around in a vicious circle – the same things were happening over and over again and I didn’t feel fulfilled in any area of my life.

I felt so stuck,

I wanted so much to find an outlet to my creativity,

fall in love, live interesting life and be on the path of my dreams. But I felt so far away from all of that!

That evening was the turning point for me.

I decided to give it a try. Without specific expectations, without any security or a certain plan – just to go for it and see what happens. That was the first step of a transforming change. Since that moment everything started looking brighter and all the pieces of the puzzle came together like it was meant to be. I trusted my intuition all the way through – one of the most valuable assets of a sensitive person.

Only future will show where this decision will lead me.


I would love to go back to Bulgaria one day and to implement all the experience I’ve gained throughout my life abroad.

What were your reasons to move abroad? What was the turning point for you? Please feel free to leave your comment below and share your experience!

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