Why you should never define yourself as immigrant

Immigrant, foreign land, native country – these are words that provoke mixed feelings in us.

Immigrant is a word I never use.

There’s nothing wrong to name the people who decide to move abroad in a certain way.

But immigrant is a word with such a heavy and negative charge.

It’s like you’re saying: “I’m different, I don’t belong here and I’ll accept a certain inappropriate treatment”.

Immigrant is just another word for prejudice –

based on a geographical aspect. And prejudice only brings fear, splitting and judgment.

It’s been more than a year since I moved to England. Before I left Bulgaria, my home country, I promised myself I’ll never define myself as an immigrant – and I’m keeping my promise.

Because it sounds like I’m a second category person.

And I’m not. Neither you are.

My decision to move abroad was mainly driven by the desire to pursue my dreams. However, I know many of you carry the heavy load of sustaining a family and the financial motive was the main one for many of you. That’s totally fine.

But please do not let anyone, including yourself, put you down because where you come from.

The first step is to stop calling yourself immigrant. Think about it as it’s just a stage in your life, you broaden your horizon, gain new experience, get out of your comfort zone, learn new things, have the opportunity to show the full strength of your character and you always have the choice to go home.


That is somebody I would rather call “a courageous person”

and I will admire his willingness to take risks and start from zero, to adapt to a new reality, enrich his views and acquire many new skills.

Does this sound to you as a second category person?

It definitely doesn’t to me. Hats off to all courageous people!

It’s all a matter of perspective and attitude.

If you believe people dislike you, humiliate you or treat you unfairly because you’re an immigrant – then that will be your reality.

But if you keep a positive, open mindset that you’re a valuable person, that it was actually your choice and that you’re just a human who strives to find his piece of happiness/ education/ work/ financial stability –

that’s your birth right as a human being.

Wherever you are, whatever you do, whoever you meet on your way, whatever crisis comes your way – please remind yourself you’re doing the best you can at the moment and

you should always respect and support yourself.

Now, it’s you turn – please share with us how you beat limiting beliefs and what you do to lift yourself up if you feel a victim of prejudice. Looking forward to your comments!

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