My Magical Time with Orphans

I want to share with you my experience from volunteering for a non-profit organization helping orphans. Perhaps some of you have been taking part in some kind of charity, others are still searching for their calling and third haven’t reached the turning point yet. No matter what refers to you at the moment, you might be interested to know what sensations and reflections my meetings with them provoked in me.

Children are the purest creatures,

beautiful flowers with pristine dew drops on them. They never lie unless they have been taught to do so or if they’ve absorbed it from the adults around them. You can see their soul through their big, questioning eyes.


Get inspired by your favourites

Motivation is the fuel to being productive, enthusiastic and passionate to put the efforts to get closer to what we want in our life. That’s why we need it on a daily basis – like a medicine, or more suitably for this blog – like a healthy energy boost smoothie in the morning.

One of the best resources to get some of that precious fuel is to connect with the people you admire of.


When Disappointment Strikes

We all have been there – broken promises, unkept appointments, course of events not meeting our expectations… Disillusionment, sometimes even a hint of depression. In its core disappointment is a trust issue – you’re let down because you’ve put your trust in another person or experience. And we all know that trust isn’t easily earned, that’s why it hurts when it happens. No matter how smart, wise or successful you are, everyone is bound to experience disappointments from time to time.

As we can’t escape it as it’s part of life,


3 Simple Ways to Practise Self-love

We all know how important is to love ourselves so we can be at peace and in balance with ourselves and with the others around us. It’s that subtle sensation you know it’s vital for your well-being but not really sure how to practise it in your everyday life.

So, I created a short list with common challenges all of us face and what the self-loving decisions are:


My Decision to Move Abroad

I decided to include a section about my experience abroad in my blog as there are so many of us who live far away from their home and it can be very tough sometimes. We all face similar challenges, no matter where we chose to live.

The reasons to take this hard decision are also quite common

going after career or education, following a loved one, financial issues, feeling stuck. What was yours? It may be just one, a combination of a few or even all of them.


6 Things French Do Differently

On my recent visit to Toulouse for a friend’s wedding, I had the chance to plunge into a different reality and lifestyle. I’ve got some impressions I want to share with you – tips to live in a more soulful manner from the French:

  • Art is all around

It’s amazing to see people living surrounded by art in various forms – paintings, sculptures, pieces of writing, architectural touch in an artistic way… Obviously art isn’t only limited to the numerous museums and cathedrals but people tend to make their everyday life more colourful and pleasing for the eye.