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Sweet, Sexy, Sensitive


  • Find out what keeps you trapped in unhealthy and unfulfilling relationships. Read about 7 Scenarios that you might face in your romantic relationships.
  • Discover 6 Keys that can help you build а more successful relationship – if you are single or have a partner.
  • Feel empowered, understood and supported as the ideas and recommendations are made while honouring highly sensitivite people. Personal experience and knowledge of the features of sensitive people are intertwined in a pleasant way, which makes the book an easy and light read.

Setting Boundaries

Work sheet

  • Learn why highly sensitive people, introverts, creatives and romantics have hard time setting boundaries and what you can do about it.
  • Have fun while completing 5 practical exercises that will help you strengthen your boundaries.
  • Discover ways to say “No” to people-pleasing and bad treatment, and “Yes” to more freedom and confidence.

Personal advice

Personalized Advice

I would like to cover different issues and inspire you to lead a balanced and happy life as an introvert, creative or highly sensitive person. And still, I’m aware that most of us don’t fit the mold.
Each one of us comes from a different background, culture and level of sensitivity and our stories are different. That’s why I would like to offer you the exclusive opportunity to have a private chat with me, where we could talk about your problems and your situation in life.
It’s completely free and you can accept it as a virtual hug or sharing between friends over a cup of coffee. Just get in touch via the contact form or send me an email to