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On a deeper level I feel I already know you. You:

You are a very special person with unique path in life. And still, you dream to:

We all want to have a happy and satisfying life,

and yet we are all different. And that’s ok, as we are meant to be that way and that’s part of the beauty of life.

However, you might struggle to achieve everything that your soul desires from the prism of your sensitivity.

As no one understands the problems and challenges of highly sensitive people better than another highly sensitive person.

I, like many of you, have grown up with the implied idea that high sensitivity is a disadvantage and it should be cured. It took me years to acknowledge, accept and appreciate this precious trait.

So I am here to help.

I regularly write new articles on the blog to motivate you to have the life of your dreams.

I’ve also created some practical and interesting free materials which you can download and read to support you on your personal development journey.


Hi, I’m Maria!
A writer, traveller and personal development advisor dedicated to helping you create the life you want.
I define myself as a sensitive person and introvert, which helps me understand your problems better and provide advice and encouragement in safe and supportive environment.


Get inspired by my articles about conscious relationships, spiritual growth and
fulfilling lifestyle, here are a few of the most popular ones:

Don’t be the Unwanted Roses in Somebody’s Garden

I’ve been thinking recently what the next story to share with you to be about – one that comes from the heart and inspire you to live a better life. And the ideas came in a surprising way. One evening after work I was doing some gardening and enjoying this activity, which many people consider a kind of meditation. While my full attention was engaged with the process, my mind was drifting freely and all of a sudden I focused on a stem of a rose bush. It didn’t have flowers but oh, it sting! It was located between the fence and the concrete, and just couldn’t grow and blossom there. I thought to myself: under other circumstances, it would be great to have a rose bush in the garden – but not here and not now. (more…)

How to be a 100% Woman in Today’s World

Hello ladies, this article is for all of you – for all the girls who are starting to acknowledge and develop their femininity, for the young female professionals who work hard to prove themselves and make a living, for all the mums who have taken the busy job of being full time mommies or juggling between work and kids, and to all the wonderful ladies who have retired and enjoy the calm and well deserved relaxing years of their lives. Despite our differences, we actually go through similar struggles and problems, and look for ways to improve our lives and feel good about who we are – as people and women. (more…)

How to Build a Lasting Relationship with Your Partner

When I was in my teenage years, the whole concept of romantic relationships was quite distant and unfamiliar to me. As a sensitive child, I used to overthink and withdraw into my safe haven of books and visions of the perfect romantic story. One day my elder sister, who first showed interest in the self-development area and opened the gates to this new world to me, brought home a book called

Love Tactics: How to Win the One You Want” by Thomas W. McKnight and Robert H. Phillips. (more…)


"Maria is a very humble, kind, loving, down to earth person. She has a deep understanding in every sensitive issue all of us go through in our daily life. The best person I've known as she has a never say die attitude and a big inspiration to me and lot more people. In short, I say she brings hope and shows the true meaning of life in her writing. She has touched my life and hope to see her bring joy to others as well through her beautiful thoughts".

Tercon Vaz - Marine Engineer

"I'm lucky to know Maria as my friend. We've known each other for many years and I know how strong and delicate she is. I'm extremely happy to see her grow and develop so much. She is a trustworthy person - consistent, grounded, independent, positive and determined. Maria is able to put herself in other people's shoes, which in my opinion is an important prerequisite for meaningful relationships."

Kristina Likova, Photographer

"Maria and I first connected when she reached out to me after watching an episode of my talk show online. I then asked her to share her story of grief and loss on our blog. It was well received and several people reached out to her directly to let her know how her words spoke to them and touched their heart.  She has a desire to share and help others through her writing & I wish her every success".

Kirsty Spraggon -  Host KirstyTV

"Maria is a very warm-hearted and intuitive individual. Her personal story is very touching and she definitely practises what she preaches. She is also very open to new friendships and people. I still remember how cheerfully she accepted my ‘Hello’ after a wonderful presentation she made at a local school. Her empathy is one of the reasons she can give the best of advice!"

Petia Kamburova, Psychologist