My Biggest Block to Financial Abundance

As a person devoted to personal development as a pathway to a happy and successful life, my inherent belief is that if an area in our lives is not working, we need to do something about it.

In February 2015 I registered on eBay and placed my first order. Guess what was it?

A book. As I trust books can change lives. The book was “Money – a Love Story” by Kate Northrup and as you can probably tell from the title, it is a self-help book about personal finances. I truly recommend this book to anyone who wants to dig deeper on their scarcity mentality and improve their financial situation over time.


Introverts and Networking – How I Challenged myself on a Training in London

Introverts find it very challenging to attend social gatherings of any kind. Whether it’s a reunion of some sort, friend’s birthday party, clubbing on Friday night or work-related event, we tend to shrink into ourselves at the thought of meeting a lot of new people.

We’re not fans of small talk and can’t blend in easily. We find such events taking too much of our energy and this results in being completely exhausted after them.

If it’s up to us, we wouldn’t go at all and actually many times we don’t. But there are some occasions on which we know it’s for our highest good to make the effort and confront our unwillingness – as it was with a training I’ve recently done in London.


Lessons Learnt from 5 Years of Living in the UK

I have all kind of anniversaries and special days because I think we need more occasions to celebrate. These days are also milestones of something we have achieved, and as we know, celebrating success boosts self-confidence and motivates us to pursue our goals and go for our dreams. If you just say: “Well, yeah, I did that” or “That wasn’t so hard after all, what’s the point of celebrating?”, I can assure you that you’re not giving yourself enough credit for your accomplishments and you’re depriving yourself of energetic fuel to create wonderful new stuff in the future.

In September 2019, I celebrated 5 years since I arrived in the UK. After an emotional departure and a short flight to Luton, there I was, starting over, with 99% uncertainty and faith, strong faith that following my intuition was worth it, even for such a tremendous change.


Why We Need More Authentic Beauty Today

Today we talk a lot about individuality and “being yourself”, but actually we’ve never been further from it, except for the times when for political reasons uniformity has been the strict norm. We’re all tired of clichés such as “Follow your heart”, “Be different”, “Be yourself”, they even don’t have the same meaning as before. Due to social media, we’re following the herd more than ever, while genuinely believing in our originality.

One aspect of this culture of followers is the standard of beauty.


Why I was Аway for a While to Create а Refreshed Blog with a Stronger Purpose

Hello and welcome everyone to the redesigned version of the blog If you regularly read the articles and follow my posts on Facebook and Instagram, you have probably noticed that I haven’t posted new content on the website for a while. I am aware that currently my audience is not too large but it’s loyal and really attached to what I create and share.

That’s why I decided to write this article, to tell you personally and sincerely what has happened during the quiet time and what new stuff I have to offer.

highly sensitive person, writing, intuition, followers, purpose

“I Wish I’d Picked More Daisies” or How to Become Friends with Time

I know you’re busy and tired. And maybe even stressed and anxious. You often wonder where the day, week, month, year went… You always get the so called “necessary” things done, take care of everyone else and then, if there is any time or energy left, take care of yourself. I understand perfectly as we’re all in this together – it’s the disease of our modern culture, where balance and enjoyment are almost missing from our vocabulary, while words like stress and busyness are common catch phrases.

The most important resource you will ever have is TIME – it is not renewable and none of us knows exactly how long we have left but we know it’s not indefinite.

Here is a note from 87-year old Nadine Stair from Louisville, whose words of wisdom and insight in her golden years could serve as a reminder and motivation for all of us, no matter how old we are and where we currently stand on the stage of life:


How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others on Social Media

We live in a time when social media no longer only connect us and are a source of information and entertainment but we are witnessing how Facebook, Instagram and the rest of the ever growing number of networks are actually defining our reality, self-worth and notion of success and happiness. More and more people started voicing their opinion that interaction with social media makes them feel depressed and not good enough. That’s mainly because we compare our lives, most of the time unconsciously, to the lives of friends or celebrities.

How to stop the vicious circle of comparing ourselves to others – based on their photos, statuses and emoji?


Why I Didn’t Achieve All My Goals for Last Year and I’m OK with It

The new year has already begun and it’s a really exciting and light feeling to start fresh. It can also be uncomfortable, overwhelming and stressful as it’s also the time when we get bombarded by messages from media about the importance of goals. Don’t get me wrong – I’m a true supporter of the whole goal-setting process – writing down your aims, seeing the list daily and reviewing your progress often.

But what do you do if you haven’t accomplished the things you wanted?

Does this make you feel bad and disappointed with yourself? Here is my story about not meeting all my last year’s goals and why I decided to be comfortable with it.


When Forcing Doesn’t Work, Try Flowing

Do you feel like life is a marathon, you’re only focused to get to that important finish line and then your life will incur a magical makeover, you’ll turn into a movie star, princess or whatever your image for brilliant success is? Have you ever wondered if there is another way of experiencing life, which is more pleasurable and fun?

The general opinion and media imply that we have to ‘work hard’ and make things happen, or ‘force yourself to your upper limit and don’t stop until you get what you want’.

This can be summarized in one word – control. And I have to admit – I have issues with control.


How to Express Yourself Creatively and Detach from the Outcome

Have you ever thought what might be your creative outlet? Do you take pride in looking after your garden, catch yourself you like to talk in front of people or you’re a master baker? Do you have a passion for fashion or take pleasure in sewing or knitting pieces of clothing? Just to name a few, there are hundreds of ways you can express yourself creatively.

We’ve been raised with the idea that you have to be an artist in order to be creative.