A Touch to the Relic of the Holy Blood

I’ve recently returned from a short trip to Bruges, where I was on a special celebration for my birthday. It’s a magnificent historical place and the largest city in the Flemish Region of Belgium. However, I would like to tell you about a particular spiritual experience that I had and the feelings and reflections that it provoked in me.

The Basilica of the Holy Blood was one of the landmarks of Bruges

that the helpful and friendly receptionist recommended to visit in the morning before we went out of the hotel. Of course, I was interested to see it as I presumed it would be a place where history, architecture, national heritage and faith would interweave in a fascinating way.

Little did I know that what I was about to experience that day was going to move me deeply.


In the Land of Myths and Ancient History – My Holiday in Greece

A few months ago, I travelled to Greece to learn more about our southern neighbor and also to indulge the sun and explore this land of myths and ancient heritage. I couldn’t emphasize enough the importance and value of travelling. No matter the destination, duration or the money you can set aside for it, just go.

Travelling broadens the mind, teaches us to understand better our differences and to be more tolerant.

You not only see natural beauties and landmarks, but also experience their lifestyle, try the national cuisine and get to know their joys, problems and national pride.

Off we set with my mum to our special get-together trip to Athens and Peloponnese.


My Holiday in the Mountains

I have just come back from my summer holiday in Bulgaria, where I went to a short vacation in the mountains. Grown up in a country with the tempting allure of the scorching sun of the Black Sea beaches on one hand, and the tranquil enchantment of the thick, dark green, lush forests of our beautiful mountains on the other, my primary choice has usually been a vacation at the seaside.

However, this time I had a strong inner call to go to the mountains.

In my mind, the vision of serenity, peace and natural beauty was the perfect antidote for the everyday stress and accumulated tiredness. Even the idea of being in these surroundings made me relax and gave me instant gratification.


6 Things French Do Differently

On my recent visit to Toulouse for a friend’s wedding, I had the chance to plunge into a different reality and lifestyle. I’ve got some impressions I want to share with you – tips to live in a more soulful manner from the French:

  • Art is all around

It’s amazing to see people living surrounded by art in various forms – paintings, sculptures, pieces of writing, architectural touch in an artistic way… Obviously art isn’t only limited to the numerous museums and cathedrals but people tend to make their everyday life more colourful and pleasing for the eye.