In the Land of Myths and Ancient History – My Holiday in Greece

A few months ago, I travelled to Greece to learn more about our southern neighbor and also to indulge the sun and explore this land of myths and ancient heritage. I couldn’t emphasize enough the importance and value of travelling. No matter the destination, duration or the money you can set aside for it, just go.

Travelling broadens the mind, teaches us to understand better our differences and to be more tolerant.

You not only see natural beauties and landmarks, but also experience their lifestyle, try the national cuisine and get to know their joys, problems and national pride.

Off we set with my mum to our special get-together trip to Athens and Peloponnese.

It’s really funny that we tend to go to more distant places in search of a thrill and adventures, but sometimes we’re missing what’s close to us or even in front of our eyes.

The first stop was the Acropolis of Athens. That was undoubtedly the sight that struck us and that we fell in love with from the first sight.

It consist of the remains of several ancient buildings of great architectural and historic significance, the most famous being the Parthenon. There we were at the top of hill, overlooking the clusters of white houses, huddling next to each other like beads on a string. The warm spring sun, the energy of this ancient place, endured earthquakes, wars and the destructing weather conditions was awe-inspiring, facing what the ancestors of this land left for us to admire. Surrounded by olive trees, we were listening to stories where myths twist with history.

Our second destination was Mycenae. We visited the ancient kingdom of king Agamemnon,

listened to stories about Homer’s ‘Iliad’ and took pictures at the Lion Gate, exactly where the great archaeologist who discovered Mycenae and Troy – Heinrich Schliemann – had a picture with his discovery.


It was fascinating to be at places for which I only read in the history textbooks while at school and dreamt I will visit them one day.

Whatever happens in your life, don’t forget the dreams of the little child within you, keep them in your mind clear and specific and start to make them true one by one.

I come across so many people saying they want to travel and when I ask them why they don’t do it, they give all kind of excuses, the most common ones of which are:

My advice is – start small, it’s not necessary your travel to entail fancy hotels and huge expenses.

Make a plan and put it in writing , when and where you’ll go, for how long and how much money you’ll need for it.

You’ll see that once determined, you will manage to find a way to make it happen.

What matters is to go out and start seeing the places you’ve always told yourself you’ll visit one day. Because life is a book, and if you don’t travel, you see just the first page. Read the whole book.

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