“Maria is a very humble, kind, loving, down to earth person. She has a deep understanding in every sensitive issue all of us go through in our daily life. The best person I’ve known as she has a never say die attitude and a big inspiration to me and lot more people. In short, I say she brings hope and shows the true meaning of life in her writing. She has touched my life and hope to see her bring joy to others as well through her beautiful thoughts”.

Tercon Vaz – Marine Engineer

“I’m lucky to know Maria as my friend. We’ve known each other for many years and I know how strong and delicate she is. I’m extremely happy to see her grow and develop so much. She is a trustworthy person – consistent, grounded, independent, positive and determined. Maria is able to put herself in other people’s shoes, which in my opinion is an important prerequisite for meaningful relationships.”

Kristina Likova, Photographer

“Maria and I first connected when she reached out to me after watching an episode of my talk show online. I then asked her to share her story of grief and loss on our blog. It was well received and several people reached out to her directly to let her know how her words spoke to them and touched their heart.  She has a desire to share and help others through her writing & I wish her every success”.

Kirsty Spraggon –  Host KirstyTV

“Maria is a very warm-hearted and intuitive individual. Her personal story is very touching and she definitely practises what she preaches. She is also very open to new friendships and people. I still remember how cheerfully she accepted my ‘Hello’ after a wonderful presentation she made at a local school. Her empathy is one of the reasons she can give the best of advice!

Petia Kamburova, Psychologist


“Maria is a woman with an unselfish heart. I reached to her a year ago, when I was still a confused and frightened child, and she responded without hesitation. This is how it all started. She listened to my story and I felt as if I received a distant, warm hug – she didn’t criticize me, didn’t give me the typical advice just to do the bare minimum. What she managed to do was to hear me, to feel my pain and then to give me advice as between good old friends and she did it! Maria told me about part of her life, helped me understand that I’m not alone and everyone has hardships in their lives but it’s up to us how we’re going to look at them – whether as another disaster on our way or as a challenge which will sculpture our personality. She gave me the present of the germination of strength and love, until then I haven’t thought about that but she taught me that what matters most is to love ourselves and believe. Maria is incredibly intelligent, kind, has unique way of expression and the talent to predispose. Thanks to her I looked at life from a different angle. I’ve become a young woman, I know what I want, I’m stronger and live my life with a smile on my face. I’m extremely grateful for her advice and for the literature she recommended to lovingly work on my self-development.”

Rostislava Yankova

Maria Toneva’s blog for sensitive people is an encounter with myself. The first time I opened it and read the title “How to Thrive as a Sensitive Person”, the first thought that came to my mind was: “That’s just perfect! It’s so rare for someone to write about sensitive people.” And I started reading, and I liked it. I identified myself in the description, I contemplated about all the times when I have “expressed” my sensitivity. And this is each and every day, in every situation, and how often I wanted to escape, to be like others.

The articles are like safe haven, there you won’t find phrases like “put yourself together” or “change yourself” so you can fit it the world but understanding and advising on how to live your life accepting and loving sensitivity as a part of yourselves. I find them inspiring and giving directions how to have more balanced and harmonious life in a world where it’s more important to be oriented towards the material stuff and to supress your feelings, a world in which sensitivity is considered an error, something which should be “amended”.

I can tell for myself that the blog has grabbed me from the beginning with its title. One of my favourite articles is “How to be a 100% Woman in Today’s World”, where Maria pays attention to the fact that women have lost their connection with their feminine nature. It helps you realize how far you’ve come on the road of “diversion”, in the name of the norms imposed by society. Maria shows us that sensitivity should not be amended, possessing it we could fight to be successful, and not just suffer from this fact.

I hope to see more articles relating to the problems of sensitive people and advice how to manage with them better, and I wish more and more readers and followers.

Vidka Chitalova, Financial Analyser

“I have known Maria now for over a year. She’s one of a kind, smart, intelligent, with great integrity and most of all a very talented young writer. I have been introduced to her blog and I think it’s a great work in truly changing people’s life for the positive that it is! Her communication with people through her writings is one of her best assets indeed. Highly recommended for those who are seeking for improvement in their personal and love life.

Mido Оrensa , Bus driver

“I have read a quote which is 100% relevant to Maria and her blog: “The ability to see beauty is nobility of the soul, and the ability to help others see it is nobility of the heart.” Maria is nice, kind, generous and last but not least, very sensitive. I have always thought that in order for a certain work or activity to be successful, you have to do it with your heart, soul, persistence and lots of love, and this is the case with her blog.

Zdravka Koleva, Social Assistant

Hello, my name is Denitsa and I’m а Yogalates instructor and personal development consultant. More than a year ago, I got into a state which I call personal deadlock. I presume many people are familiar with it, and now I’ll try to describe it. You’re here and you’re not. You have achieved something, you have reached a certain point but you feel out of place, something is just never enough. You tell yourself: “Let me achieve this and then I will be truly happy.” And the circle never ends.

There were a lot of things from my past that were torturing me and I didn’t know how to deal with them and I wasn’t ready yet. I was changing jobs, I was making all kind of changes but only on the outside. What was inside of me was still there and waited for the moment when I would be ready to cope with it. Because nothing is given to us before we’re ready to experience it. I reached the point when I was crying every other day, I had a job, a boyfriend, finances – at first glimpse most people would say: “Pull yourself together, what’s wrong with you? Look, everything is fine with you. You are crazy, there are people who dream of having what you have, and so on, and so on.

Now, half a year later, after considerate inner work I can tell them to get lost… And in this crucial moment of my life, the thing that pushed me towards deeper understanding was one of Maria’s articles that I came across.

For the first time I felt understood and no one was judging me for what I was feeling. I decided to get in touch with Maria on the same day and she replied quite quickly. From this day on till now we communicate and thank God. In that period she was the first person I turned to for help and support. She helped me pluck up my courage and continue with the next step in my life. Because believe me, one of the most, most valuable things is to have a person who understands you and doesn’t judge you for how you feel.

I want to thank you that you’re such a wonderful person and that I met you in my life. Keep helping people, as everyone has a mission. I think you have already found yours. Hugs and sincere regards.

Denitsa Fileva, Yogalates Instructor