How I attracted a Free Holiday to Tenerife

If you regularly follow my blog, you know what emphasis I put on personal development, enjoying life’s gifts and having the lifestyle of your dreams. If you like learning and travelling like me, you’re going to enjoy this story and maybe think how you can “create” opportunities in your life, too.

I’m not going to talk about law of attraction, positivity, clichés and condescendingly repeat pumped-up phrases of modern gurus.

This new-age movement has gone so out of hand that literally everyone nowadays has the messiah complex to tell you how to live your life but I’m not going to do that. What I will share with you is a real-life experience how I created a marvellous event with focused action, alignment with the idea and faith.

For some reason, I had this idea I really wanted to visit Tenerife –

the largest of the Canary Islands, situated in the Atlantic Ocean, on the same latitude as Sahara Dessert – so exotic and tempting! As a traveller who wants to explore the world, I don’t always have a definite reason why I want to visit a certain place, my insatiable thirst for travel and adventures takes over and every spot becomes a tempting destination on my list.

I had this idea that if the weather is warm enough in November, I may even go to celebrate my 30th birthday there.

When I started thinking about it, I met a friend for coffee that told me she had recently visited Tenerife and I asked her about the details. I found it a strange coincidence.

Then, there was this contest that I came across in a company I was involved in. I had to cover certain criteria and accomplish something, so I can take part in a prize draw for a holiday in Tenerife. I felt so stirred by the idea and really, really wanted this to happen to me!

So, to bring it visually into my world, I printed the advert for the contest, which had a beautiful photo of beaches, and put it on my desk at home.

I would see it every single day and feel excited how cool it would be to win that holiday. Of course, I was working towards covering the entry criteria and though it was very challenging, I managed to enter the competition in the last few weeks before it ended. There was a prize draw each week, so I covered the criteria and stopped thinking about it, there was nothing more I could do. I haven’t forgotten about it but I did what I could and didn’t fret if I would get picked or not.

That week, I was in Bruge, Belgium, to celebrate my 30th birthday. You can also read the story about my encounter with the holy relic of the Blood of Jesus. I couldn’t be happier with the trip to Belgium, I had one of the most amazing holidays and birthdays ever! On the day that we were leaving Bruge, we had a lavish breakfast in the splendid restaurant of the hotel. There I was saying that it’s always sad when a holiday finishes and the best antidote is to look into booking the next one.

And then, the magic happened! I turned my phone on, and there it was – a message that I have won the draw and need to contact the company and confirm my receiving of the holiday!

I was so happy that I couldn’t believe my eyes! A 7-night accommodation in Tenerife, all I had to do was book the flights! That was my gift from the Universe, God was giving me what I love most for my birthday!

It worked, and I felt very lucky. But I don’t underestimate the thought, focus and effort I’ve put into creating it, and even to start with, applying and considering it was possible.

I’ve never won anything that big but there’s always a first time – now I believe I can attract much bigger things as my confidence and faith are even stronger.

There were people, cautious and unbelieving, who would try to bring me down or warn me by implying it could be a trick or fake. And it’s true things like that happen. But those were their projections of disbelief and doubt, so I decided not to listen to them and went ahead to what proved to be a once in a lifetime holiday.

The resort was a traditional Canarian place in old colonial style, the accommodation was actually a huge apartment overlooking a tropical garden and looking towards the volcano tops.

It was in a quiet neighbourhood, away from the noisy party crowds, tropical and secluded. Even if I tried to find a hotel, I couldn’t find a better one. And yes, everything was free and there were no hidden charges or tricks. And if you like reading about travelling adventures, you can read my articles about Tenerife – Island Adventures and Tenerife – the Exotic Volcanic Island.

The conclusion of this experience is that if you set your mind on something, believe it is possible, do the work, free yourself from expectations, it is highly likely to happen. And to you – have you ever created an opportunity or experience in your life and what was it?

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