Why We Need More Authentic Beauty Today

Today we talk a lot about individuality and “being yourself”, but actually we’ve never been further from it, except for the times when for political reasons uniformity has been the strict norm. We’re all tired of clichés such as “Follow your heart”, “Be different”, “Be yourself”, they even don’t have the same meaning as before. Due to social media, we’re following the herd more than ever, while genuinely believing in our originality.

One aspect of this culture of followers is the standard of beauty.

For women, this theme is very close to our hearts. We want to be pretty, liked, courted, admired. It’s natural, it’s always been like that and there’s no harm in it. But what happens when women with different features, qualities, expressions start looking exactly the same? The model now is one, in a couple of years will be different, and many women just follow it blindly without adding anything from themselves or considering if what’s trendy is suitable for their body or face.

This is an appeal for more individuality to all of us women. But it’s also a loving note to encourage sensitive ladies not to fall in this trap.

We’re very intuitive and conscious of the subtleties and nuances. Most of the time, we’re aware of our individuality and are not willing to readily give it away to follow the crowd. But sometimes being different can feel so isolating, lonely, not modern and not cool. Especially at a younger age, it’s much easier to slip and imitate others, to follow the role model, or in this case, the approved and established standard of beauty. Being sensitive or introverted, we already feel quite different.

We want to fit in somehow, so why not become the new copy of the approved image? Here are my three reasons why not:

Firstly, because nothing valuable comes from following the crowd, experience and history have proved it. Secondly, because you’re dooming yourself to a life of imitation and constant fretting of what’s new and how to stay at the top of the wave, continuously keeping up with the so important “others”. And thirdly, you’re depriving the world from who you really are – your unique features, vision of beauty, your charisma and style are needed.

They’re necessary not only to bring variety, but also to give a positive example of self-esteem and self-respect, because by expressing your individuality, you provoke others to express theirs. It’s this ripple effect that you cause in the world and it is important.

We need authentic beauty more than ever, as our senses are always looking for pretty sights, and our hearts are looking for the honesty, originality and self-worth of a woman who is happy with who she is and the way she looks.

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