3 Simple Ways to Practise Self-love

We all know how important is to love ourselves so we can be at peace and in balance with ourselves and with the others around us. It’s that subtle sensation you know it’s vital for your well-being but not really sure how to practise it in your everyday life.

So, I created a short list with common challenges all of us face and what the self-loving decisions are:

Instead of thinking “Why I feel down when everything seems to be fine?” or “How can I be hurt by a few words or a silly remark?” or even “I shouldn’t be angry, scared, guilty, disappointed”… you name it. Denying your feelings is not the right answer as you just surpass them.

What you can do instead is just be honest with yourself and admit how you feel at the moment, feel the emotion, express it ( cry, shout, talk, punch pillows ) and you’ll see that it will go away sooner than expected and you won’t end up carrying it as a burden.

Yes, I can see you’re nodding, thinking this has turned into a luxury in our world. With so many duties, long to-do lists and multiple responsibilities, this seems like the easiest and least harmful time to skip. But it’s more essential than we realize. You can read a book, contemplate on your goals, envision your dreams, plan a nice event or just sit quietly, acknowledging your presence and how valuable you actually are. The result is that you’ll feel connected, centered, more balanced and in charge of your life, not just randomly floating from one event to the next one.

3 easy ways to practise self-love 2

You are so lucky and don’t even realize it! Appreciating what we already have attracts more good in our life. Thank God for all the blessings you already have and just for a second imagine what it could be without the things you take for granted. Also, be grateful to yourself – for all the battles you’ve won and you’re still out there, making your way through to a brighter future! You are already a winner!

How do you apply these practices in your life? What can you add to this list? I’m looking forward to sharing it with us!

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