How to be a 100% Woman in Today’s World

Hello ladies, this article is for all of you – for all the girls who are starting to acknowledge and develop their femininity, for the young female professionals who work hard to prove themselves and make a living, for all the mums who have taken the busy job of being full time mommies or juggling between work and kids, and to all the wonderful ladies who have retired and enjoy the calm and well deserved relaxing years of their lives. Despite our differences, we actually go through similar struggles and problems, and look for ways to improve our lives and feel good about who we are – as people and women.

The reason for this article is that most of us – the women of 21st century – have lost our connection with our feminine nature –

temporarily, progressively in time or abruptly resulting from some life-changing circumstances.

But what is our feminine nature or otherwise called ‘femininity’?

It’s the sacred, soft, receiving part of your spirit that makes you beautiful, tolerant, compassionate, giving but also open for receiving. It’s that part of yourself that makes you want to build relationships, develop friendships, iron family conflicts and flourish in a safe environment of support, understanding and affection. It’s the beauty, grace and charm that you bring to people’s lives just with your existence.

What does not define our femininity?

Our age, profession, appearance, marital status, the choice whether to be a mother, financial situation, society status or concept of success.

How does the world deprive us from being fully women?

Women’s pace is slow, we grow and blossom according to the cycles in our lives and we’re not designed to be competitive, pushy and action-driven. It’s a men’s world that we live in – focused on work and achievements, busy, result-oriented and requiring action quickly, sometimes instantaneously. It’s hard to be stress-free in such reality. What should we do then?

I offer you a list of simple practices that are very easy to implement in your daily life and will enhance your womanliness:

1.Give yourself time – take a conscious decision to slow down and not give in to all the urgent demands of the day. Do things slowly, or at least with your own pace – the one that feels natural and easy for you.

2.Meet your girlfriends – nothing can substitute the potent energy of like-minded women. The support, advice and care you can get from those catch-ups will make you feel lighter, stronger and more balanced.

3.Beauty treatments! – this is such a lovely way of affirming – ‘I’m a woman and I love it!’. It’s not so much about the importance or efficiency of whatever you’re doing, but a hair-do, a facial or a manicure ( at home or at the salon ) can make you feel really pampered and feminine.

4.Closet is next – do you feel attractive in your clothes? Have you carefully chosen each one of them or are you scared to express your personal style and vision of yourself? This is very individual and although it’s good to keep in mind to pick appropriate outfits for each occasion, it’s soooo good to feel sexy and the right garments for you will undoubtedly boost your ‘Pretty Woman’ vibe!

5.Hobbies – anything that brings you joy, pleasure and connects you with your creativity counts. It might be baking a cake, writing in your journal, playing tennis, dancing like crazy at home at your favourite tunes.

6.Tune into your intuition – it’s that little voice, or more precisely, that gut feeling that something is right or wrong for you without knowing the reason behind it. Your intuition always leads you to decisions that you would benefit the most from or save you from really big trouble. The good news is that even if you haven’t trusted your intuition much so far, you can start anytime and train it as a muscle.

7.Last but not least – BEAUTY – in all it’s dimensions, colours, aromas, textures, sights, feelings… This is one of the qualities that makes our life captivating, interesting, full of vitality and pleasure for all the senses. It’s our mission ladies to contribute to the world by spreading the beauty of our own heart and creating it around us – in our relationships, families, homes, offices, closets.

Now more than ever we have to stand our ground as women and bring to the world the delicate power, beauty and gentleness of our femininity. Reconnecting yourselves to your feminine nature will bring better love relationships, more abundance, balanced lifestyle and more positive image of yourself and your body. I wish you good luck in your exploration and reconnection. Now to you – if you have to take one insight or tip how to easily boost your femininity, what would it be?

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