To My Mum

How do you start a love letter? “Dear …., I just want to let you know how much you mean to me and thank you for being part of my life.” You carefully pick nice colourful sheets of paper and a lovely envelope, seal it with a kiss, maybe spray some perfume… This is a love letter. To the most important person in my life – my Mum.

I’m sure your mother is the most beautiful, kind and understanding mother in the world for you. So, you might feel like writing a similar letter to her or maybe just calling her to tell her how much you love her.

“Dear Mum,

Words can’t express how much you mean to me and how strongly connected I feel to you.

You have been there for me from day one – not exactly, even before I was born. Struggling to keep me through the turbulence of a complicated pregnancy. Then, a few days old, while still in the maternity ward, you saved my life from a gas bottle which suddenly lost pressure, bumped into the ceiling and was about to fall done where my head was just a few seconds ago. You jumped like a panther to save your infant. And I owe you my life.

Being a working mother and raising two children on your own is not an easy task but you did such a great job. You were always there, physically and emotionally. You gave me all the care, love and time a child can ask for. Never neglected me, you were making me feel I was your number one priority. I used to love being around you all the time wherever you were going.

In my teenage years, you were the coolest Mum ever – you set healthy boundaries and made me respect them so we never actually had the usual teenager – adult conflicts. You were generous with letting me stay out till late as long as I was home by the appointed time. You trusted me and despite the crazy hormones playing tricks in this age, I somehow tried not to let you down.


Practising one of the most noble professions – a teacher, you taught me good education is a must. You were there on all the exams, supporting me and believing in me, sharing my joy when we got the excellent results.

During the toughest period in my life – the encounters with death – you were there, holding my hand and telling me over and over “Trust me, better times will come, you have to believe”. And I did carry on believing and struggling in this hard life.

Every adventure I embark on, every crazy idea that I get, every risky move I decide to do – your response has always been: “Go for it, you can do it!” Believing in my wildest dreams even when I’m in doubt and questioning everything. You’re my biggest supporter, biggest fan and biggest inspiration.

What can I say or do to make it up to you for all of that? A lifetime will not be enough to give back to you the oceans of love and support I’ve received from you. So for now, I would just say – I love you more than anything and I ask God for many more years to come which we can spend together.

With all the love overflowing from my heart for you,

Your Daughter

6 responses to “To My Mum”

  1. Tercon Vaz says:

    Very beautiful and touching! Indeed she’s a strong pillar of your life. I wish her many many happy returns of the day and may god bless her with good health and happiness all her life ☺.

  2. Yvonne Greene says:

    This is a wonderful and inspiring blog, and I look forward to reading more of your thoughts. As someone who has lived abroad, I found your comments about the word “immigrant” particularly interesting and relevant.

  3. Cristiana says:

    Thank you so much Maria for sharing this wonderful story of how your mum was there for you, helping you, inspiring you and even saving your life. I do agree that she’s a precious gift from God that was given to you to learn what unconditional love is.
    Knowing you I can say that you are a very strong, beautiful and lovely woman. And if your mum was your muse then I could say that she’s a magnificent person too. What an amazing thing to see strong women raising other strong women who can inspire and influence others like me. 🙂

    • Maria Toneva says:

      Thank you for the beautiful words Cristiana! I’m so happy that my writing can touch hearts and inspire people! xx

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