A Romantic Dinner in Brugge

A few years ago I went to a romantic trip to Brugge, Belgium. The reason why I decided to share this personal experience is to show you that your reality could change and the beauty, luxury and conveniences in the world are not only meant for a few selected ones but can be available to you too.

My mission is to show you that you can be yourself, with your background and past, and still uplift your lifestyle.

Several months before that trip, I didn’t see myself anywhere near where I wanted to be in life.

I had a certain vision how I would like my life to be – personally, professionally, and financially. However, I was quite far from it.

Contrary to widespread opinions, I think that dissatisfaction is a good thing when you act on it.

It tells you that something is not right and prompts you to take action and make a change. Your desire for what you want has to be very strong in order to overcome the fear, doubt, resistance and hard work that every substantial change requires.

Eight months before the trip, I was dreaming how I would mark a special occasion on a brilliant trip abroad and that it would be like a fairy tale.

I didn’t know how or where it was going to happen.

I also kept talking to people close to me how I would like to progress in my career and what that would look like. I wanted to have more financial stability and to receive more of the abundance of the Universe and life’s gifts.

I can’t tell you it all happened only with visualization and positive affirmations, though I did a lot of these two activities and they definitely helped.

But what actually changed my reality was my decision to make changes and endure the insecurity, fear, people’s opinions that I was risking too much, numerous hours spent working towards a better future instead of complaining how unfair everything and everyone is.

And now the good part – a few months later, I was on a romantic city break in Brugge, Belgium and I couldn’t believe how my reality has changed.

As I have worked for it and wanted it so much, I appreciated every second of it and my mind opened for the possibilities that this wide world can offer. I had an exciting day exploring Brugge, so mesmerizing with its canals and stunning views. I also ate quite a lot of delicious Belgium chocolate, which was readily given away everywhere, even in the museums. If you like to read more about a spiritual experience I had while exploring the city, you can read my article ‘A Touch to the Relic of the Holy Blood’.

The highlight of the day was dinner at a 5-star restaurant with a 6-course meal,

where the chef came to our table to serve us wine and made sure we were happy with the food and service. Needless to say, I felt like I was in a movie and was trying to soak in with all my senses the beautiful surroundings, the gentle music, the dim light, the exquisite meals, many of them completely new to me and very interesting. Bringing me back to earth, I choked on the starter, and a friendly woman from the table nearby gave me a tissue. The desperate romantic in me was exhilarated, everything was so mesmerizing and I was so grateful.

It helped me believe that these experiences are for a normal person like me as well, not only for a handful of fortunate, privileged people. They are for you, too.

And lastly but probably most importantly, none of this would have had the same effect and be such a blissful moment if it wasn’t for my amazing partner. He gave and still gives a meaning to it all.

A couple of weeks later, other big changes happened in my life that brought me to a whole new level of working life.

I want my story to help you understand that your current reality is not your final destination.

I hope it reignites your dreams, inspires you to go for your goals and elevate your life, relationships and lifestyle. Please leave a comment with one thing you can do now to move you to your dream life. If you liked the article, you can subscribe to the newsletter to get the latest articles in your inbox.

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