Get inspired by your favourites

Motivation is the fuel to being productive, enthusiastic and passionate to put the efforts to get closer to what we want in our life. That’s why we need it on a daily basis – like a medicine, or more suitably for this blog – like a healthy energy boost smoothie in the morning.

One of the best resources to get some of that precious fuel is to connect with the people you admire of.

We all have people we look up to

leaders, successful entrepreneurs, singers, actors, models, spiritual leaders, sportsmen, fitness gurus, historic figures and many other depending on your interests.


Here’s what to do to get the most of your favourites:

Internet makes it so easy to connect with the people you are fond of – directly or with their legacy. You can watch their performances, documentaries about their life, interviews, read their biography or the books they’ve written.

One of the best advantages of the social media is that you can follow the people who ignite the fire in you every day ( sometimes even every minute ). Of course, this is valid if your fav star is our contemporary. You can write him a message, leave a comment, take part in live chats and even speak to him/ her directly!

Nothing can replace the live contact – we all agree on that though we don’t always like to admit it. So, if you need a big boost to start a new project or get out of a gloomy state of mind, invest some time and money to meet your inspiring person. It’s definitely worth it as the meeting will keep you burning from the inside for weeks and you will feel capable of moving mountains!

As sensitive people, we have such a vivid imagination and a strong emotional vibe.

It’s our right to try to give outlet to our unique gifts. Connect to your inspiring people regularly to help you put the best of your beautiful soul out there!

How do you connect with your sources of motivation? How often do you do it? Please share your ways in the comments below!

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