Simple tips to discover if you’re a sensitive person

In my personal experience, deep down I’ve always known I’m a sensitive person. However,

The truth is that all human beings possess a certain level of sensitivity.

In some of us it’s more present than in others, also some express it more openly than others.

Here’s a quick check list to identify what’s the level of your sensitivity:


If you agree with half of the statements above –

Congratulations! You’re a sensitive person.

If most or all of them are true, most likely you’re a highly sensitive person like me and that’s wonderful.

Why I say congratulations?

Because sensitivity is a gift and when taken seriously and protected, it can lead us to rich and satisfying experience in life.

Remember, you can be genuinely happy and successful

only when you’re truly in compliance with your authentic, amazing, one-of-a-kind self.

In the articles to follow I’ll show you how to:

Your journey to the self-discovery and appraisal of your sensitive side has just started!

What else can you add to the list? What emotions does your sensitivity provoke in you? Please share in the comments below!

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