When Disappointment Strikes

We all have been there – broken promises, unkept appointments, course of events not meeting our expectations… Disillusionment, sometimes even a hint of depression. In its core disappointment is a trust issue – you’re let down because you’ve put your trust in another person or experience. And we all know that trust isn’t easily earned, that’s why it hurts when it happens. No matter how smart, wise or successful you are, everyone is bound to experience disappointments from time to time.

As we can’t escape it as it’s part of life,

Тhe point is how to react and cope with it.


As a sensitive person, that’s a tough moment for me. I don’t let people easily in my life but when I do, I trust them, believe in their honesty and good will.

Isn’t that relieving?

To know that there’s no need to be alert all the time with everybody. You select your circle and can finally relax in their company as life is quite stressful anyway and we can’t always be with our guard on.

So when one of my “chosen” people lets me down, I feel heavy-hearted, become oversensitive and often draw conclusions for the overall personality and trustworthiness of that person.

When it’s about emotions, I figured it out the hard way that

There’s no better way of releasing them than letting yourself feel them.

It doesn’t mean to wallow in self-pity or despair but to give yourself time to grieve over it, not to surpass it. Think about the perfect system our body is – it takes some time to form a crust over a cut or а wound in order to heal itself. We should give time to our soul the same way, as though invisible, inner wounds may leave deeper scars.

The second step I try to take is to forgive that person.

This is where I’m probably struggling the most. It’s not that I don’t want to, I perfectly realize that that’s the only way to really move forward. We usually justify holding a grudge towards someone with what he/ she’s done to us. Well, the other way around, we have certainly hurt or disappointed people, too and we wouldn’t like them to hold anger or resentment towards us for something which happened long ago. Whether you decide to exclude this person from your life or keep the relationship, the only wise solution is to forgive.

The third move is to shift your focus to positive thoughts and experiences.

Focus on a new hobby, go out with friends, organize a weekend trip or do whatever you really enjoy. Don’t let negative people feed your frustration and freely judge you or the person who let you down. See things in a different perspective – as a lesson you’ve learned, encourage yourself to accept the truth and move forward. You’ve become stronger and next time it’ll be easier.

What do you do to get over disappointments? How do you react, how do you pick yourself up? Please leave a comment below telling us one way of dealing with it that works for you. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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