My Biggest Block to Financial Abundance

As a person devoted to personal development as a pathway to a happy and successful life, my inherent belief is that if an area in our lives is not working, we need to do something about it.

In February 2015 I registered on eBay and placed my first order. Guess what was it?

A book. As I trust books can change lives. The book was “Money – a Love Story” by Kate Northrup and as you can probably tell from the title, it is a self-help book about personal finances. I truly recommend this book to anyone who wants to dig deeper on their scarcity mentality and improve their financial situation over time.

As the life-long student that I am, I started working with the book. Why do I say working and not reading? Because even the best book could do nothing for you if you don’t interact with it and act on it.

I was living in London back then and though my life was extremely busy and exhausting at that time, I was designating time to do the exercises and practise what I learnt.

In general I enjoyed the process very much and was feeling it in my bones that this was a life-changer. But I would lie if I don’t admit that sometimes the digging process was very emotional, upsetting and saddening, as there were real revelations and surprises I didn’t see coming.

One of them was so powerful and ground-breaking that I still hold it vivid in my mind and often repeat it to myself.

I clearly remember how strongly the revelation affected me back then and how it explained so many things. That’s why I want to share it with you now:

My biggest block to richness was that it would make me a bad person and that others would stop liking me if I became prosperous.

Wow! I didn’t know I was carrying so much fearful predisposition! It may sound very simple sharing it with you now but it was eye-opening to me back then. In her book Kate very carefully and extensively addresses these fears and confronts them with very sound and wise justification.

I realised that money only intensifies who you really are in your core –

if you’re a genuinely kind person, money will only help you do more good, like share it with your family and friends, support charities and good causes, make a change in the world. If you carry malice and greed in your heart, money will again intensify what you already have inside you, for example you can use money to humiliate others, live low-moral life, use them for entirely selfish reasons.

When I became aware of all of this, I felt like a burden fell off my shoulders.

As much as people change with time and once they get into money, I consider sturdy education and upbringing in moral values, challenging life experiences and natural striving to kindness and good deeds to be the prerequisites for spending money for good reasons.

The other aspect of the financial block – people not liking me anymore – is deeply rooted in the belief “What would people think of me if I became prosperous?” and trying to please others.

What helped me get through this undermining idea is that it was too high-cost to keep. People who like you will keep liking you and supporting you no matter what your finances are. More often than not, this group is narrowed down to your family and a few close friends.

Being a sensitive person and having the inclination to please others, this can be hard for me sometimes.

But in the end of the day, I don’t want to condemn myself to poverty and constant complaining just to be liked and accepted. I can do a lot more good in my life and make a positive change in other people’s lives with money than without.

Money is not the root of all evil, whether we use it to help or hinder is the real root.

So these were my biggest financial blocks. Even today, I frequently keep working on my money mindset, releasing old beliefs and welcoming more abundance. And to you – what are your financial blocks and what can you do to release them and experience more wealth? Feel free to leave a comment and share with us. I hope this article provokes you to become more aware of your finances and start taking steps towards more freedom and prosperity.

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