The Secret of Finding Love

Happy Valentine’s Day! I wish you to experience unconditional romantic love far more beautiful than your wildest dreams! It’s lovely that we have such a day as a gentle reminder that love is the miracle in our lives and it should be celebrated and honoured.

So many of us are on the path of searching of love or bringing more romance and depth to their current relationship.

Our personal happiness is one of our top priorities but how to make it happen?


The Most Important Word You’ll Ever Say

We, as sensitive persons, tend to give out and devote lots of our time and energy  to the people around us and to various causes. That’s lovely but

in our effort to help and nourish others, we often deplete ourselves.

When asked to do something we don’t really can or want to but feel we have to, our almost automatic reply is something like:

  • “Ok, don’t worry.”
  • “That’s fine, I’ll take care of it.”
  • “Yes, sure.”

Does this sound like you?


When Disappointment Strikes

We all have been there – broken promises, unkept appointments, course of events not meeting our expectations… Disillusionment, sometimes even a hint of depression. In its core disappointment is a trust issue – you’re let down because you’ve put your trust in another person or experience. And we all know that trust isn’t easily earned, that’s why it hurts when it happens. No matter how smart, wise or successful you are, everyone is bound to experience disappointments from time to time.

As we can’t escape it as it’s part of life,