The Secret of Finding Love

Happy Valentine’s Day! I wish you to experience unconditional romantic love far more beautiful than your wildest dreams! It’s lovely that we have such a day as a gentle reminder that love is the miracle in our lives and it should be celebrated and honoured.

So many of us are on the path of searching of love or bringing more romance and depth to their current relationship.

Our personal happiness is one of our top priorities but how to make it happen?

Now when I write this article, a few verses of Madonna’s song “Secret” come to my mind

“Until I learnt to love myself, I was never ever loving anybody else”.

Is it really that important? Can we just skip that part? Can I be truly happy without paying attention to myself?

The reality is that the basis of any healthy relationship is to love yourself first.

I bet you think that sounds a bit far-fetched, not very clear and requiring too much efforts. So I’ll help you figure out what practicing self-love really means by sharing a few of Louise Hay’s tips how to love yourself.

Louise Hay has been one of my biggest inspirations and a pattern to follow

since I first came across her best-selling book “You Can Heal Your Life”. Actually my sister found it by accident, if we can say there’s such thing as coincidence. I was about 14 and I’ve always had that urge to be a better person and constant hunger for knowledge and progress. The ideas permeated my consciousness and looking back, my life got so much better since then and most importantly, I’m happy with who I am and what I do. I want to share those tips with you as I truly believe everyone deserves to be happy, successful and loved.

Stop all criticism

That means to never think of yourself or others as wrong, to judge, to offend verbally or in your mind. Learn to accept and love your flaws the same way as your best qualities.

Forgive yourself and others

Every one of us has been hurt a lot during his/ her lifetime by people, life crisis and our own self-criticism. It’s time to let go. You don’t want to be in that prison till the rest of your life as it steals from your present moment much more than you expect. Be willing to forgive.


Be kind and loving to yourself

Don’t offend yourself with titles such as stupid, ugly, poor, not good enough, a failure, unloved, disrespected. You’re much more than you think you are, so try instead thinking of yourself as smart, beautiful, abundant, good enough, a success, loved and respected. Be extremely patient and attentive with yourself when you learn something new or when you’re changing, because that’s where most of us are super-critical and unsupportive.

Give Praise to Yourself

Have you ever wanted somebody to pat you on the back for doing such a good job or to pay you a compliment for looking pretty or fit? Well, be that person yourself. Appreciate the small steps you take and compliment yourself every day.

You may feel inspired by reading the tips or maybe a bit intimidated you’re doing none of them at the moment.

Don’t worry, nobody has reached the final destination yet.

It’s work in progress, it’s a journey that will transform your life but there’s always more to learn and to expand to new horizons.

I hope you didn’t expect to read a one week shortcut how to meet Prince Charming. The truth is, you’ll find your devoted, loving partner only after you become Prince/ Princess Charming yourself.

I hope you felt the love I put for you in this article and I wish you a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

Which of the tips you find hardest to apply? What else can you add to the list? How are you going to honour yourself on Valentine’s Day?

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