My Magical Time with Orphans

I want to share with you my experience from volunteering for a non-profit organization helping orphans. Perhaps some of you have been taking part in some kind of charity, others are still searching for their calling and third haven’t reached the turning point yet. No matter what refers to you at the moment, you might be interested to know what sensations and reflections my meetings with them provoked in me.

Children are the purest creatures,

beautiful flowers with pristine dew drops on them. They never lie unless they have been taught to do so or if they’ve absorbed it from the adults around them. You can see their soul through their big, questioning eyes.

They don’t want clothes or a big house,

it’s enough to have Mum and Dad around. To be surrounded by love, care, tenderness, caress and patience. All the materialistic needs come from the world we live in.

I have been present at birthday celebration parties

several times at a few orphan houses. You can’t imagine the pure joy and delight they openly show when the animators start the program with all the tricky games, balloons, confetti, presents, cheerful music and jokes. The air is full of rejoicing shouts, clapping, laughter and giggle. They run, tumble and fall, strictly follow the game procedures and want to be winners but not at all cost as they want to have fun more than anything.

They’re grateful for every single thing. They’re open and accepting.


They’re not afraid that they will lose as they don’t have much to lose anyway. They shorten the distance very quickly, they are so brave – at first they look at you shyly and in a few minutes they are already embracing you, kissing you, sharing their sweet childish emotions and problems with you.

My eyes are filling with tears and my mind is drifting away:

Oh my God, we have so much to learn from them!

We can start with experiencing every happy moment to the fullest, laughing openly and not being afraid of being hurt. My heart is full of gratitude that I was part of this magic, thankful to the devoted members of the non-profit organization and to the kids themselves for the innocence, faith and joy they brought to me.


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