5 Lessons Learnt from My First Year in Blogging

My blog was officially up and running on 22nd December 2015. It’s the online implementation of the dream I used to have for years – to write articles that help people achieve their dreams and goals by sharing bits of personal stories and friendly advice in the areas of self-esteem, inspiration, career and development, relationships and travel.

One year later, I can honestly say that this journey has started changing my life.

And not because I became extremely popular or successful, but because I began making conscious effort to walk my talk – to face life challenges and handle them from a point of higher understanding and wisdom, as I advise my readers.

If you’re about to start a business, a new career path or you’re just considering a change, here are a few tips I learnt from this first year in the online industry:

Save yourself from negativity in the early stage of creating your business, as it’s a very delicate time for you to encounter people’s criticism, doubt and lack of support. Usually criticism is a reaction to something we do not understand and that’s how we cover our lack of knowledge. However, it can be really discouraging if you share your ideas and plans with your friends but you can’t really explain what it is that you’re creating and you don’t have the actual product yet or proof of the change. My advice is to share your enthusiasm only with your closest circle of people.

You have that thrilling dream for years, or you want to start a big project but you don’t know or have everything it takes to make it happen. Actually everyone feels that way, we always consider ourselves not good enough or not ready enough to start. Well, here’s the trick – you learn in the process, it’s all work in progress, you learn something new every day and it all adds up for you performing better and becoming better in your area. The biggest step you can ever take is just to start.

By posting a total of 24 articles so far, I have observed and came to the conclusion that people like when there is you in what you create – personal stories, examples from your past, little details that contribute to the rich and vital experience they get when reading the article. Your audience can tell when you’re real and that’s exactly what they like – they can connect with you and feel your human nature. It’s up to you to what extent you would like to reveal yourself in your work but remember – all great artists and performers have given a piece of themselves in their work and that’s how they touch us. Be brave and show up!

Actually, many people may not like but there’s no such thing as someone who’s able to please everybody. And it’s not necessary at all. You’re looking for your people, the audience you can connect with and the one that can benefit from your work. When those two meet, that’s when romance begin – the ones that really like you will stick with you and even motivate you to keep up the good work. As to the rest, respect their opinion but don’t get frustrated.

Use your vision for the project, create in your own style – be it too casual or pretentious for some, create your product in the way that you feel it’s right for you. It’s very easy to get overwhelmed and distracted nowadays by all the buzz in the online world and our busy daily life. Keep your focus on who you are and what your ultimate goal is and keep going, no matter how flashy and tempting other people’s lives or projects may seem to you.

My goal is to help people be successful in their lives and relationships by sharing inspiring stories with personal touch, especially for people who consider themselves sensitive or are on the path of self-development.

And don’t forget to celebrate each and every milestone you reach and never belittle yourself in terms of the scale of your achievements! While writing this article, I’m celebrating with a frothy cappuccino and a festive chocolate brownie – Happy First Birthday www.mariatoneva.com and here’s to many more to come!

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