New Year’s Thank You Practice

Photo: Jeni Neykova

Here we are in the end of another year, another milestone. But before setting the goals for the new year, a very useful and nourishing practice is to make a revision of all the blessings you’ve received in the current year and be grateful for them.

So now is the time to make your Gratitude List for the past year.

Express gratitude for all the experiences and lessons you’ve learnt this year.

Gratitude is one of the most powerful tools – to be happy with what you already have and to keep attracting more good things.

I suggest you to sit down with a notebook or a sheet of paper and a pen

and think of all the good things that have happened to you in the past 12 months. You will be amazed how many they are and most importantly, that most of them are


It’s great to have commodities that bring comfort and improve your daily life – there’s nothing wrong with that. But don’t look for a big material purchase in order to be thankful.

Ironically, you’ll find out the major part of your list looks like this:

What will come up to your mind will be how you felt loved, appreciated, proud of yourself, joyful and enthusiastic and the experiences and the people who provoked the feelings.

Because we’re human beings. And human beings have a soul. That soul needs to be nourished.

A soul can only be nourished in its way – spiritually.


My Gratitude list for the past year turned out to be 3 pages long and I’m sure more and more can be added to it. As I know it can be a bit awkward to start writing that if you’ve never done it, I’ll give you a few tips from my journal which I hope will get you started:

Yours might be totally different but what matters is that you’re writing it in your way and you’re true and honest with yourself.

Remember, there’s no right or wrong way – it’s just your way.

I emphasize on writing the blessings down as the power of the message multiplies when it’s written down. Of course, if you struggle with that part, it’ll be also nice to give thanks mentally. You can say a big Thank You to the important people in your life personally. Your reward for all of this will be immediate feelings of satisfaction, abundance and faith in a brighter future.

“Thank You” is one of the magical words of the Universe.

It does open gates for you.

When will you block a couple of hours to create your list? Who would you like to say thank you for being by your side? Please share in the comments.

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  1. Petia Kamburova says:

    I like these ideas. Although I don’t often think of the things I should be grateful for, every time I do, miracles happen! Thanks for the reminder! It was a great ‘wake up’ approach <3

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