My Writing Story

I want to share with you why I decided to start this blog as it means a lot to me. I’ve always had this writing desire in myself and through the years it urged me to do various things so to reveal it.

I’ve been an avid and voracious reader since I was a child.

Nobody ever taught me or motivated me to like reading, I just did, I guess I have it in my genes. I still remember the day when they brought our class from school to the public library in my hometown. I was astonished, I felt this was a really special place for me, like a gate opened in front of my eyes. This day is so vivid and colourful in my mind today as if it was yesterday.

I guess this is how we remember days which have affected us profoundly.

After I got the library registration, I used to go there every Friday after school. I would sit on one of these tiny chairs and would start perusing the books in the children’s section. I would take 8-10 books each time and would start reading them straight after coming back home. Sometimes my mum was joking that I shouldn’t read them so fast as I wouldn’t have anything to read till next Friday.

I devoured the books and was transferred in many splendid realities. It was like magic.

Through the years my zest for reading didn’t disappear but evolved in an emerging acknowledgement that I want to write. I first realized it at school when I was doing my assignments in Literature. Actually my essays and other paper works were highly evaluated by the teachers and I was enjoying writing them.

My first formal appreciation of my writing happened when I was in 10th grade and my classmate and I signed for a competition which required us to write a book about the biodiversity in the area around my hometown. It was a very time-consuming but fun thing to do and I remember we both enjoyed it a lot. We devised the plot and the characters, made up the dialogues and even draw the pictures supporting the text.

I had so much fun working on that project that I spent every free minute to make it better.

I remember I didn’t think about the result, I just did the best I could and took pleasure in it.

The result exceeded my bravest expectations – we won the first prize on national scale!

It was such an excitement and pure joy, comparable to nothing else! We got our book published in a very small circulation, mainly for some environmental organizations – my first published book!


Later on in 2010, in search of a new outlet of my writing energy,

I did a 5-month apprenticeship in the local newspaper.

I was grateful that I was given the chance to express myself in the form I wanted – I wrote features and didn’t report news. It was really a nice feeling to have your work published and read, and on top of that, to have the freedom to choose what to write for.

The same year I signed up for a master’s degree in Journalism and Media –

that was the only master’s program I wanted to study though my bachelor’s was totally different from it – Economics. I did it to be one step closer to my creative incentives.

In the beginning of 2013, I wrote an article for a very popular website with online television broadcasting.

I am so thankful for been given the opportunity to open myself up in this article and share my story with the readers. I had to leave a feedback information in case someone wanted to contact me. I didn’t think this might happen but 5 months after posting the article, I was contacted by someone who wanted to thank me in helping him out in his dark times through my article. Soon I got 2 more replies.

They were saying that they have experienced the same feelings and “some of your words touched me to the point that I had tears in my eyes”.

I had tears in my eyes, too – every time I read a thank you letter like this one. And I felt a feeling that I can’t compare with anything else I had experienced so far – to give hope and motivate people by using your unique creative skill. I truly believe we should help and inspire each other as everyone leads his own battle and it is a hard one.

That is the motive that provoked me to start this blog, both as a very personal piece of myself and as a platform to share our stories and support each other.

Have you ever thought what your creative skill could be? What is the activity you enjoy the most, what are you passionate about? Please leave your comment below, I would be happy to hear your opinion!

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