Feminine Versus Masculine Energy

You’ve probably come across the notion that in each person, irrelevant of gender, there is a certain proportion of feminine and masculine energy. It may sound like a new-age thing, but actually this concept has been around for centuries. Just think about the Yin & Yang from Ancient Chinese philosophy and the symbols representing them. So what is feminine and masculine energy then?

Without pretending to be psychologically or spiritually extensive, my narrative about this differentiation of energetic fields is quite simple.

The male is action, progress, planning, organising, achieving, being out in the world.

It’s exemplified by money, job, status, power, authority, recognition, stability, thought process, possessions. It originates back from the time when the prehistoric man would find a good cave for his family, light up fire, go out hunting and wouldn’t come back until he brings food for his wife and children. He would never doubt his responsibilities, nor try to transfer them to his wife. This is what his instinct told him and he just followed it.

On the other hand, the female is about slowing down, being in tune with the body, connecting with the soul, feeling oneness with the world, ability to wait and have faith, turning within.

It’s exemplified by home, family, food, gentleness, patience, maternal instinct, intuition, flexibility, movement. The prehistoric woman would never chase a man, she would wait to be chosen and the man would have to prove himself. Once together, she would follow him everywhere and accept her role of looking after the cave and children while waiting for the prehistoric man to come back from hunting. She would never doubt her responsibilities, nor try to swap and go hunting instead of him or by his side.

Fast forward a few thousand years, we may be very well ahead technologically or informationally, but the basic rules of human kind are still valid.

We can’t escape from our nature and the more we distance ourselves from what is installed and ingrained in us, the more neurotic we become.

There are mountains of scientific evidence showing that the tremendously high rates of psychological disorders nowadays are in big deal due to coming out of rhythm with our human nature. From the purely physiological needs, such as enough sleep, nutritious food, being physically active, we’re experiencing decay in our social and interpersonal needs.

Women are taking on too much, trying to prove themselves in each area of life – working, looking after everyone and everything, and bringing themselves to utter exhaustion.

Men, on the other hand, are becoming more lethargic, shunning away from responsibilities, feeling demotivated and disrespected. What is going on? I think it’s due to the improper distribution of female and male energy.

Women need some male energy to give them resilience and strength and that’s represented by the black dot in the Yin symbol.

Men also need some female energy, to bring softness and relaxation in their lives, that’s the white dot in the Yang symbol. But the problem is when it gets too much, and we know it by losing the harmony and feeling somehow out of our skin.

And not only that, but the more masculine a woman gets, the more feminine her partner would get.

And vice versa, the more feminine a man gets, the more masculine his woman will get to compensate. There is no vacuum in the world, it helps to think of it as a 100% vessel. If a woman has 30% femininity, the other 70% femininity will be filled up by her partner and the other way around.

How can you judge about your level?

Regularly check with yourself – are you more in male or female energy and try to take some steps to create more of the missing energy. The other sure check point is your partner – is he/ she acting out of more masculine or feminine energy?

The more you check with yourself and become aware of your significant other, the easier it will get to recognise the patterns.

And if you want to read more about femininity, check my article How to be a 100% Woman in Today’s World. I wish you life of harmony and love, where the feminine and masculine aspects of your personality are balanced and you get to experience the fullness and richness of your relationships.

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