Thoughts before a Major Birthday

Photo by: Kristina Likova Photography

Here I am at the threshold of my 30th Birthday, scrutinizing my life and evaluating all the bits and pieces, aiming to find an answer to the question: “Am I happy and what can I do to be really happy?”

The “Big Birthdays” are a milestone in our life

or at least media and society have made us think so. They’ve implied a certain vision of what we need to have or be doing  in order to be acceptable and successful  in the public eye. However, they’re missing one very important part: what we want to be and feel like.

Examples: You can have a huge last model TV at home but you actually cherish to spend time in nature more often. You can be on a top position in the corporate world with all the prestige and recognition but you actually feel drained and dream of a more creative, mindful career.

What’s right and what’s wrong?

I’m not here to judge and proclaim one lifestyle over another. All I’m saying is that the definition of success should be tailored to each individual.

For me success is living a fulfilled, inspired, happy life while helping others.

I’ll tell you a secret how I measure success in my life. I have contemplated for some time to become clear on my priorities. I have narrowed them to five areas which I have written on a sticky note and put on my mirror, so I can look at them every morning when I’m putting make-up on. Here they are:

My top 5 priorities in life are: Family, Life Partner, Health, Joy and Success.

When life puts me in one if its twisted and tricky situations, I try to stay grounded by reminding myself my priorities. When I’m about to take an important decision, I’m asking myself:

“Is this decision going to be aligned with my values and priorities? Is it going to draw me closer to or further from them?”

Life is much simpler when you know who you are and what you want and respectively, what you don’t want and won’t tolerate.

What are your priorities in life? Spend 5 minutes using this memory jogger below :

abundance                 achievement              adventure                   belonging

contribution               creativity                     entertainment             family

freedom                      friendship                   health                          joy

kindness                     love                             nature                         peace

recognition                 relaxation                   security                       spirituality


Choose 4-5 of them, write them down and put them somewhere you can see them daily. How does it feel like? Do you feel more aware and clear on your values? Before making an important decision, stop for a minute and ask yourself if this will bring you closer to your priorities.

Then, have the courage to take this decision, stick with it and bear the consequences, whatever they might be.

The choices we make daily build our life experience, and acknowledging this fact, let’s try our best to be responsible and brick by brick, day by day, choice by choice to move closer to what we want our life to feel like and look like.

The truth is, when you learn to feel as you’re the person you want to be and act as if you’re already there, the material dimensions will follow and you’ll attract abundance in all its forms.

This isn’t wishful thinking, this is quantum physics that works if you are truly persistent, passionate and have faith in God and the process of life.

I hope this article provokes a desire in you to get clear and specific on your values and priorities in life. On my birthday, I won’t forget to thank God  for the greatest gift of life and good health and will welcome the new decade in my life with open arms and genuine faith that all is well and the best is yet to come.

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