New Approach to New Year’s Resolution List

Don’t get startled! That’s not another boring To Do List or a lecture how you should get all your life sorted in one year and live happily ever after 🙂

I want to share my experience with making a list with my goals and why

I did my first one only several years ago.

In my perspective, there is an intangible balance between two forces in our world:

I don’t have the answer what the percentage of each force in your life is and what it depends on. But I truly believe we can neither control everything that happens in our life, nor live without an anchor and watch the days pass by without making any conscious effort to get what we want.

So, in order to keep the balance and keep a loving attitude towards ourselves

while writing the list and striving to achieve the goals throughout the year, I made the following agreement with myself:

“I give myself permission to a certain variation from the list.”

It means that even if I don’t get everything achieved by 31st December, I won’t criticize and be harsh on myself. If I let this happen, it’s likely there may not be a list for next year!

Also, if I don’t get 100% done or even 50% done, that’s not what matters most of all.

What matters is that:


How to make the list?

Unleash your imagination and creativity but mine is pretty simple:

You can laminate it and carry it with you or set it as a desktop wallpaper if that works better for you, or any other way that pleases you.

One more thing  – January is not the only time to create the list.

You can actually make it any other time as well. Good luck!

How did you feel while writing the list? Did you feel empowered and enthusiastic? How does yours look like and where did you decide to put it?

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