How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others on Social Media

We live in a time when social media no longer only connect us and are a source of information and entertainment but we are witnessing how Facebook, Instagram and the rest of the ever growing number of networks are actually defining our reality, self-worth and notion of success and happiness. More and more people started voicing their opinion that interaction with social media makes them feel depressed and not good enough. That’s mainly because we compare our lives, most of the time unconsciously, to the lives of friends or celebrities.

How to stop the vicious circle of comparing ourselves to others – based on their photos, statuses and emoji?


How to Build a Lasting Relationship with Your Partner

When I was in my teenage years, the whole concept of romantic relationships was quite distant and unfamiliar to me. As a sensitive child, I used to overthink and withdraw into my safe haven of books and visions of the perfect romantic story. One day my elder sister, who first showed interest in the self-development area and opened the gates to this new world to me, brought home a book called

Love Tactics: How to Win the One You Want” by Thomas W. McKnight and Robert H. Phillips.

Photo by: Kristina Likova Photography

When Forcing Doesn’t Work, Try Flowing

Do you feel like life is a marathon, you’re only focused to get to that important finish line and then your life will incur a magical makeover, you’ll turn into a movie star, princess or whatever your image for brilliant success is? Have you ever wondered if there is another way of experiencing life, which is more pleasurable and fun?

The general opinion and media imply that we have to ‘work hard’ and make things happen, or ‘force yourself to your upper limit and don’t stop until you get what you want’.

This can be summarized in one word – control. And I have to admit – I have issues with control.


Thoughts before a Major Birthday

Here I am at the threshold of my 30th Birthday, scrutinizing my life and evaluating all the bits and pieces, aiming to find an answer to the question: “Am I happy and what can I do to be really happy?”

The “Big Birthdays” are a milestone in our life

or at least media and society have made us think so. They’ve implied a certain vision of what we need to have or be doing  in order to be acceptable and successful  in the public eye. However, they’re missing one very important part: what we want to be and feel like.

Photo by: Kristina Likova Photography

How to overcome resistance when making a change

Change is a wonderful thing but let’s face it – the process of making a change from the initial idea to the end result is usually quite uncomfortable and uneasy. Why is that?

Every change is preceded by resistance and it is the reason for the uncomfortable feeling.

It’s that nagging voice that tells you we’re alright where you are, it won’t be worth it, it takes too much effort/ time/ devotion, nobody can guarantee a positive result in the end, what if you fail?


The Secret of Finding Love

Happy Valentine’s Day! I wish you to experience unconditional romantic love far more beautiful than your wildest dreams! It’s lovely that we have such a day as a gentle reminder that love is the miracle in our lives and it should be celebrated and honoured.

So many of us are on the path of searching of love or bringing more romance and depth to their current relationship.

Our personal happiness is one of our top priorities but how to make it happen?


The Most Important Word You’ll Ever Say

We, as sensitive persons, tend to give out and devote lots of our time and energy  to the people around us and to various causes. That’s lovely but

in our effort to help and nourish others, we often deplete ourselves.

When asked to do something we don’t really can or want to but feel we have to, our almost automatic reply is something like:

  • “Ok, don’t worry.”
  • “That’s fine, I’ll take care of it.”
  • “Yes, sure.”

Does this sound like you?


Simple tips to discover if you’re a sensitive person

In my personal experience, deep down I’ve always known I’m a sensitive person. However,

The truth is that all human beings possess a certain level of sensitivity.

In some of us it’s more present than in others, also some express it more openly than others.

Here’s a quick check list to identify what’s the level of your sensitivity:


When Disappointment Strikes

We all have been there – broken promises, unkept appointments, course of events not meeting our expectations… Disillusionment, sometimes even a hint of depression. In its core disappointment is a trust issue – you’re let down because you’ve put your trust in another person or experience. And we all know that trust isn’t easily earned, that’s why it hurts when it happens. No matter how smart, wise or successful you are, everyone is bound to experience disappointments from time to time.

As we can’t escape it as it’s part of life,


3 Simple Ways to Practise Self-love

We all know how important is to love ourselves so we can be at peace and in balance with ourselves and with the others around us. It’s that subtle sensation you know it’s vital for your well-being but not really sure how to practise it in your everyday life.

So, I created a short list with common challenges all of us face and what the self-loving decisions are: